Our literature discusses the need for end of life counseling when a cure for a debilitating illness is out of sight. It stresses that each of us should act on this possibility ahead of time.  Unfortunately 97% of the people surveyed by the Kaiser Family Foundation Serious Illness in Late Life survey (2017) found that 37% have actually done it.  The most reason being; “they didn’t know where to start”.
We are pleased to offer you a draft copy of a book we co-authored titled YOUR ESTATE PLANNING GUIDE, (also known as DyingToKnow.Info).   This guide takes care of this difficult task because the legal documents and forms are fully explained and easy to fill out. Please see attached information.
I propose that this printed guide be given out free of charge through the 9,900 +CVS locations.  The cost of the book could be paid for in its entirety by inserting advertising from the products sold in the Pharmacy’s.  Advertisers  will understand the logic of having their product repeatedly exposed to the book users. It will most likely remain as a keepsake for generations.
Although this book covers most necessary forms and legal documents, it will be customized as to cover and content to fit the needs of CVS. These books are also available as a PDF that can be typed and stored or printed
More details are available in the website www.DyingToKnowInfo.com.  
We will contact you to determine your interest in pursuing this program.