• The "Blum Blog"

    I am now going to begin writing a BLOG that will deal with #EstatePlanning, aging issues, politics that affect us older folks, and other topics I feel will be of interest to you. I expect to add jokes and cartoons to keep the same light-hearted approach to the inevitable.

    Dying To Know Info PDF is a comprehensive, self-guided information eBook containing critical documentation for your family and loved ones in the event of your untimely passing. Inside, you will find over 80 pages of information about #EstatePlanning.This eBook is easily saved to your computer. It can then be printed and placed in to a folder or binder, or pasted into a document and stored. Be sure to notify your heirs as to its location. Complete instructions accompany this eBook.

    “A Comprehensive Guide to Kicking the Bucket” that contains 87 pages of information, forms, and legal documents needed to complete your #EstatePlanning including a Last Will and Testament, Living Will, and Powers of Attorney, written with ”a light-hearted approach to a serious subject”.

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