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    PACKAGING: I believe the people who invented packaging in plastic wrap to be the worst type of sadist who ever lived. Who needs to see a light bulb through 1/8th inch of plastic that you need a machete to cut through? Not only do you practically cut off your fingers trying to get to it, but you might break the bulb in the process. Also, the plastic will end up in a land fill lasting 1,000 years, and if your body it exhumed by the creatures living on earth at that time, they’ll be so curious about the scars left on your finger bones.

    FREE 911 form:  in my book that you can see atwww.DyingToKnowInfo.com is the “information for a 911 operator”. It’s what they need to know to send an ambulance to your residence. Please take a look, it’s free.

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