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    Dear Family & Friends.

    Many of you know about my book, Dying To Know. Info, “A Comprehensive Guide to Kicking theBucket”. It contains 87 pages of information, forms, and legal documents needed to complete your Estate Planning including a Last Will and Testament, Living Will, and Powers of Attorney.

    Few of us wish to discuss death or even think about it, but because new information about this subject and attitudes about death are ever changing, I’ve decided to write a Blog. My Blog will be full of information and facts, but like my book, it will be written in a lighthearted manner with some jokes and cartoons.

    For example: Did you know that for those who have few friends or family, a United Kingdom based business called Rent-A-Mourner will, for $68.00 per head, send professional mourners to a funeral to cry at the proper time, and with facts given beforehand, will get up and say great things about the deceased, and mingle with the crowd indicating their close friendship. Renting mourners is a common practice in some Africa Countries, China, and the Middle East. I know of nothing like this in the United States. Maybe you would like to start a business?

    If you haven’t finished putting your affairs in order, you might want to visit my website, www.dyingtoknow.info to understand how this book can help you complete this awesome task very easily for only $35.95 in a printed copy that you fill out by hand, or $19.00 for a PDF eBook that you fill out from your computer and/or print and store.

    Until next time, take care.

    Julian J. Blum

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