• Funeral Cost Summary

    Three old guys were out walking. 
    First one said, "Windy, isn't it?" 
    Second one said, "No, it's Thursday!" 
    Third one said, "So am I. Let's go get a beer!"
    Funeral Cost Summary Funeral Home’s General Price List (GPL) The Federal Trade Commission regulates funeral homes and has established a series of rules called - The Funeral Rule. The Funeral Rule protects consumers’ right to purchase funeral goods and services separately. The world’s largest retailer wants to keep its customers even after their deaths. Wal-Mart has started selling coffins on its Web site at prices that undercut funeral homes, long the major seller of caskets. The move follows a similar one by discount rival Costco, which also sells coffins on its site.
    You do not have to accept a package that includes items you do not want. The Funeral Rule requires every funeral home to have a General Price List (GPL). The GPL is a written, itemized price list of all the items and services the funeral home offers. The General Price List will be your guide to comparing funeral costs in your area. A few funeral homes publish their GPL online. As consumers become more informed and insist on more price transparency, more funeral homes will publish their GPL online. If you don’t see the GPL as part of the funeral home’s web site call or email them and ask them to send you a copy. This is a rough guide for how much funeral services and products typically cost as provided by the National Funeral Directors Association’s statistics.Veterans Funeral & Burial Benefits Veterans All veterans are entitled to burial in a national cemetery, a grave marker (regardless of the cemetery), and a flag. Spouses and dependent children are also entitled to a lot and marker but only in a national cemetery. There will be no charges for opening or closing the grave, a vault or liner, or setting the marker in a national cemetery. Depending on the circumstances, a family will be responsible for all other expenses including transportation to the cemetery..A spouse who remarries a non-veteran may claim burial rights from the prior marriage. Military honors or a funeral honor guard may be available from nearby military installations or veterans groups. A flag is provided on request for the burial of any veteran.
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