DyingToKnow.info Book
What You Get in the PDF and Printed Book
Full Power Of Attorney form (2 copies)Gives executor or other persons full rights to handle affairs. 
Medical Power of Attorney form (2 copies) Who is allowed to act in your behalf as per instructions in your living will.
Living Will form (2 copies)How you wish to be cared for, if terminally ill.
Last Will and Testament form (2 copies) Your instructions for the disposition of your estate.
Emergency call to 911 formIn the event of an emergency, your loved ones have all the necessary information at their fingertips!
Call to Physician, Attorney, CPA, Funeral Home, Clergy, etc. form. Names, addresses, phone numbers of persons to notify as quickly as possible.
Others to be notified form. Contact information for relatives, friends, business associates, that should be called.
Care facilities. Caring for the elderly at home, in day care, retirement homes & communities, assisted living communities, and hospice care.
Hospice Care. The philosophy of a Hospice, its care and concept for the terminally ill.
Estate Planning. Protecting against unfair taxation, different estate plans.
Creating a Trust. There are literally dozens of different types of Trusts. How and why they are used is described in detail allowing you to determine what might best suit your needs.
Administrating the Estate and selecting an Executor.  Qualities, duties, and legal requirements of an executor, and escaping probate.
Veterans Benefits. Government assistance, military cemeteries, pensions for vets,  etc. 
Funeral arrangements, burial costs, cremation, etc.
Funeral rules of the Federal Trade Commission regarding what Funeral homes must tell you about costs and rights to buy goods separately.
Buying a casket wholesale. Information about casket sales at Costco and Walmart.
Notifying Social Security. What Social Security expects you to do with any funds received for deceased.
Ordering Death Certificates. Who may order Death Certificates, what information is needed.
Funeral Instructions form
Your final decisions on type of burial or cremation, type of service wanted, who to officiate and more.
Personal Data form. Information about your place of birth, your parents, schooling, employment, military service, etc.
Writing an Obituary. Say what you’d like people to know about you. (attach photo) 
Scams and frauds of the deceased family. How to protect the living from scams and even robbery during the burial service.
Coping with grief. Details of how most people react to the death of a loved one, the healing process,
seeking care if grief persists, and more
Disposition of Pets form. Age, condition, Veterinarian, likes and dislikes, who you’d like to see care for your favorite furry friends.
About Credit Cards form. All your credit card information except passwords: These should be stored with executor.
Automatic Bill Payments form. Automatic payments withdrawn from bank accounts; amounts needed in bank to cover payments.
Disposition of Personal Property, hobbies, Jewelry, etc. form. Who you would like to have your personal property.
Space for copies of Documents (Military Discharge, Licenses, titles, etc.)Place important documents in sheet protector or use a 3 hole punch and place behind.
Insurance Policies form (Declaration Pages, etc.) List of types of insurance, agents, coverage, premiums, etc, Place declaration pages in sheet protector.
Assets & Liabilities form (values, outstanding debt, payments, etc.) Your property, bank accounts, notes receivable, pensions, stocks & bonds, etc.
Income Tax Information (last return, etc.) About your accountant, returns, place where information is stored.
Facebook Memorial Page form When a Facebook member dies, the information remains in Facebook. The Memorial page allows for its removal and informs the world of the death.
Place for miscellaneous info (for sealed envelopes for personal messages) Leave personal messages for those you love.
Form for changes, addendum’s, etc. (2 copies, print additional, as needed) Assuming you live a long time, the information on the forms will change. The blank addendum pages should be copied and filled in as needed and placed in appropriate sheet protector.
Author, Julian J Blum
There are countless reasons why you should consider the Dying To Know. Info book as an essential part of your personal documentation for #EstatePlanning.

Here are just a few important questions to ask yourself.

1.) Could your spouse or partner afford to pay a hospital up to $1,000 per day to keep you on life support?

2.) Could your spouse or partner afford up to $450 an hour for an attorney to handle your affairs?


1. If you do not have a living will ( also know as an Advanced Directive) and are in a coma or vegetative state, you must be hooked up to a life-support system and the caregiver must continue to supply nourishment (intravenously if necessary) and continue to exercise every means of life support. Death has been known to take years in many instances. This could wipe out all insurance benefits and assets of the deceased. For less than the cost of an hour or two in a hospital and about 15 minutes of your time with your Dying To Know.Info book, you can eliminate this problem, and so much more.

2. Upon your death, if you own anything of value in your name that must be transferred such as an auto, bank account, home, pension account, stocks and bonds, etc. and you do not have a last will and testament, an attorney will have to ask for a probate court to settle your affairs. The attorney fees and estate taxes could take a big bite out of your assets. After probate your estate will pass to your wife and children. If you have no heirs, the State will own your property.

For less than an hour of most attorneys fees and about 15 minutes of your time with your Dying to Know.Info book, you can eliminate this problem, and so much more.

And, these two questions are just two of the reasons you should consider owning our book.

Here are some other things to consider:

The Dying To Know. Info book is an invaluable guide that helps you compile the essential facts of your life in one place so your friends and family will know how to handle your affairs.

It will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars and many, many hours of work by furnishing your executor, attorney’s, and CPA’s the essential facts needed to settle the affairs of you and your partner

It is indispensable as a guide and reference to most everything you need to know about your credit cards, banking, insurance policies, professional agents, and is an email and phone directory to reach your friends and business associates

How great would it be to have this information at your fingertips if you lost your wallet or pocketbook full of credit cards and other valuable information?

A thoughtful gift for all of your friends and family!

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