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Dealing with Death Made Easy!
Dr. Francine Hardaway, Phd.
This book does what everyone in health care and financial services has been trying to get us to do for decades: plan for our own deaths. Of course, we don't want to do it, but Julian J. Blum has made the process simple and amusing. He has also presented this information in two formats: online and offline. So there's no excuse for not buying the book and filling out the relevant forms.
DyingToKnow.Info Makes Life Easier
Tyler Compton, College Student –
There's a lot to be said for a book that not only makes life easier, but life after death easier, too! All the forms and advice provided by the book are well-explained and feel very complete. It's nice to be able to look in one location for all my estate planning and other concerns. I highly recommend this book to people of all ages.
This Book is to the Point, Humorous, and Needed!
Dr. Virgil Beasley, PsyD
This book is to the point, humorous, and needed. My wife and I are delighted with such a
resource and have it be an enjoyable activity to be totally prepared for the inevitable, and
knowing it will make it easier for those I/we leave behind.
This Book Covers Everything!
Joan Alexander- Librarian
This book covers everything! Written with humor, captivating cartoons, and well researched. Suitable to help your loved ones make those hard decisions. Includes forms & legal documents.
Survivors are Afforded a Comprehensive Plan
Frank Octigan, Realtor
Dying to Know. Info ensures that with an ounce of preventative effort the dread, fear and/or anxiety typically associated with this topic is easily defeated. Survivors are afforded a quantifiable comprehensive action plan regarding everything from the immediate & pressing to the long term. And…at a very reasonable cost to boot!!
A Great Resource for Everyone!
Allyson Shepston, Attorney.

Julian, Dying to Know. Info is really a great resource for everyone, and I believe in the value of it. I really appreciate your humor as a way to lighten what can often be a very deep and heavy topic. Shepston Law Firm, PLLC
I Highly Recommend DyingToKnow.Info
Jill Loy- Certified Paralegal
I highly recommend Dying to Know.Info it is a very comprehensive guide with a very clear step by step process to an individual's estate planning. The forms with the book are great and the price is just right.
I Reccomend DyingToKnow.Info to All My Clients
Jeff D. Carter, RICP, CSA, RFC, LUTCF
“As a Professional Financial Planner for the past 25 years I have witnessed many mistake individuals and families have made concerning planning for their death.
The only certainties in life are death and taxes and these certainties have existed almost since time immemorial.

These certainties are a fundamental part of life and a person should not shy away from these tough issues simply because they are tough. Nobody likes to think that they will die eventually, but it is incumbent upon each and every person to plan for this event.

Dying to Know.info the Comprehensive Guide to Kicking the Bucket can assist every person through the process of getting their final arrangements in order for the one’s they love which they will leave behind.

I will be recommending that each of my clients and future clients purchase the book”.
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