About DyingToKnow.Info

Author, Julian J. Blum

Dying To Know. Info is a step-by-step #EstatePlanning guide that will provide your loved ones the #LegalDocuments and other information, completed by you, that they will need in the event of your passing. This book is written with a sense of humor to lighten the load for such a serious subject.

• It contains the forms needed to appoint your executor, the person who gives your beneficiaries the news about who gets your favorite fishing rod or sewing machine.

• The provided #LivingWill expresses whether you want to be kept on life support, or be allowed to meet your maker when your doctor says you are ready to go.

• It explains how you can cut #FuneralCosts, avoid #Probate, and informs your accountant and/or attorney that you have done most of their work, so they better sharpen their pencils when tallying up their fees.

• This book could potentially save your spouse or partner a fortune in state and federal #InheritanceTaxes, so there will be something left for that trip around the world he/or she always wanted.

• It contains all the forms necessary to allow your loved ones to pick up where you left off with all of your affairs in order, so they can spend more time celebrating your life instead of spending countless hours trying to make heads or tails of your bills, bank accounts, debts, investments, and all that revolved around your daily life.

It is only natural to put off for later what you absolutely should do today in regard to this subject, but anyone, at any age, can slip on a banana peel and crack their noggin, so it’s a good idea to prepare now.

Hopefully, you’ll live to be one hundred, so as information changes, there are addendum pages for you to bring your affairs up-to-date.

No other book on this subject is as comprehensive or supplies the detail or the #LegalDocuments as #DyingToKnow.Info.