UPDATE from Julian J. Blum

My book, Dying To Know. Info attracted a great deal of attention and sales, however I found that some people felt the title to be disrespectful about the subject of death. Therefore, I created an additional book with the title: “YOUR ESTATE PLANNING GUIDE” This contains all of the same forms and legal documents as in the original book.

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HELP RELIEVE THE STRESS OF YOUR #EstatePlanning, the important book written with a sense of humor for a serious subject. It is the place where your Last Will and Testament, Living Will, and Powers of Attorney forms are ready to fill out in paperback, or downloadable eBook PDF. Our forms allow you to record and save your end of life wishes so they are known, and will help eliminate or greatly reduce #ProbateCosts, #LegalandAccountingFees, and #Taxes for your loved ones.

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